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Less maintenance with Magnation

Scale comparison

One of the largest beef processing plants in the United States

Two Turbulators with 8” diameter were installed at the main line, prior to the heat exchanger. Every day, over 5 million gallonsof water is used per day, travelling tens miles of spaghetti line pipe. The fast daily half inch thick scale formation on the pick heater is due to a final stage of rapid water heating from 140˚F pre-heated temperature to a minimum 180˚F temperature (USDA requirement).

Prior to installing Magnation’s double Turbulator, the customer implemented daily cleaning, boring and acid wash to maintain the pick heater. The time between cleanings is now extended by several days and the job is significantly easier due to the softer, powdery composition of the scale formation as opposed to the rock-hard crystal formation like before, saving an estimated $250,000-$300,000 a year.

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Less TDS with Magnation Less TDS with Magnation

TDS difference

Magnation-treated water significantly reduces the total dissolved solids (TDS) from bottled Arrowhead Spring Water. Images taken over several weeks of evaporation.

Comparison conducted by Magnation headquarters, Oakland, California

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More dry matter per hectare in New Zealand

Pasture Comparison in New Zealand

Untreated: Average 2599 kg of Dry Matter/Hectare
Magnation treated: Average 2869 kg of Dry Matter/Hectare

Observations include "Visually dense and greener on the Magnation-treated area." Some sections measured 600kg more than untreated section when measured with pasture gauge.

Test Dates: Sprayed late November 2015, Undersown December 2015, Measured mid February, 2016
Location: New Zealand
Irrigation Equipment: Glenavy pivot. One section (on right) equipped with Rainbolt

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Magnation accelerates seed growth

Seedling Comparison

D Johnson Farms in New Jersey compared Magnation-treated water and seeds to untreated, with significant growth difference from the seedling stage.

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Greener, denser turf with Magnation Bigger and stronger roots with Magnation

Turfgrass & Roots Comparison

Turfgrass shows better density, uniformity and color.

Soil health and better plant vigor shows superior root structures and grass blades.

Comparison done in The Netherlands.

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Day 10, Turfgrass Comparison from seed image

Turfgrass Comparison

"Day 10: Just running the seed through Magnation's Seed Maximizer, without treating the water."
~ Tim Davis, Golf Course Superintendent, Broken Tee Golf Course, Englewood, Colorado

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Raiders after MagnationRaiders before Magnation

Sports Turf Comparison

Oakland Raiders working out on softer, denser, greener and more uniform turf.

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Magnation amplifies seed growthMagnation amplifies seed growth

Grass Density Comparison

Magnation-treated water shows significant difference in density, uniformity and color.

The grass seeds used were 2016 Bent Grass “007” (this grass is used on theirs and many other courses is South Africa's fairways). Pictures taken 8 days after planting of seeds. Magnation-treated water vs. untreated water used for this test.

This test was done independently by Steven Webber, Superintendent of Clovelly Golf Estate in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Greener, denser turf with Magnation

Amsterdam Golf Course Comparison

Greenskeeper states "Much more penetration and effect of water with Magnation, and more vegetative turf on the treated side of greens."

Since 6/30/15 irrigation water dosage with Magnation 20% lower than without Magnation.

Test Dates: May 22, 2015 - July 9, 2015
Location: The International Airport Golf Course, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Irrigation Equipment: Toro
Model Year: 2012

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Improved Spray Distribution and Uniformity with Magnation

Spray Distribution Comparison

Spray distribution is much more uniform with smaller droplets. Left side shows clumping together of droplets, while right side shows an even application for improved foliar absorption and more efficient use of spray program.

Comparison conducted by Technipharm in New Zealand.

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Magnation sprays wider

Spray Angle Comparison

Increased spray angle from 118˚ to 124˚ allows for a lower boom on sprayers using Drift Control.

Comparison conducted by Agrifac & Magliv in The Netherlands.

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Drift Control with Magnation Drift without Magnation

Drift Control Comparison

Higher pressure and flow created by Magnation's Turfbolt allow for less irrigation drift via sprinklers.

Customers report better watering under the arc due to smaller and more uniform droplets.

Comparison conducted by PSV Eindhoven & Magliv in The Netherlands.
Date of photo: July 2015
Equipment: AquaCo /Perrot
Location: PSV Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Crop: grass

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Excellent quality tomatoes on vine with Magnation Heat stress with untreated Magnation 10% Yield Increase with Magnation

Tomato Comparison

Tomato comparsion was conducted at Compagniesdrift Farm in Botriver District, Western Cape, South Africa. The farm uses tunnels in which they grow tomatoes for various outlets as well as for the open market in Cape Town. There were three valves supplying water to these tunnels. One of these three valves was fitted with a 3/4” Turfbolt.

Observations included visually less leaf burn in extreme heat conditions, stronger insect and disease resistance, better roots and yield increase with Magnation unit installed.

"We encountered extreme heat conditions over this specific period and the Magnation-watered tomatoes had way less heatburn and was overall much stronger and healthier than the non-Magnation tomato plants. The Magnation-watered tomatoes had an increased yield of 10.48% above the non Magnation watered tomatoes and received 20% less water. It was also noted at the end of the cycle that the Magnation watered plants had a better developed root structure and overall plant mass was better than the non magnation watered plants (29% and 18.75% respectively)."

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Excellent quality tomatoes on vine with Magnation Heat stress with untreated Magnation 10% Yield Increase with Magnation

Raspberries Comparison

The Raspberries trial is in the Hemel and Aarde Valley Farm, Hermanus District, South Africa .

The production manager at the farm states, “In terms of 1st class quality assessment we do at pack house intake, it was the best performing block on the farm. It had the lowest counts of mould, cladisporium. Also the lowest levels of soft fruit of blistered fruit and low levels of insect damage. This assessment is YTD. Comparing it to the control block trial block it performed 22% better. When the field was under attack from Spider mites, visually it was less severe in the trail valve compared to the control blocks.”

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Lettuce head comparison

Lettuce Comparison

Better plant vitality and vigor, color, size/weight, yield, disease/insect resistance. Comparison from Salinas, California

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Magnation boosts corn yield Magnation boosts corn yield

Corn Comparison

On the Untreated we counted a 29000 population ear count with the weight of 3.685 pounds for 6 ears. On the Magnation Treated we counted 29500 ear count and the recorded weight of 3.865 pounds for 6 ears—for the same investment of seeds, inputs, water and time!

"Magnation has helped us with both seed germination and our irrigation. I can see night and day difference. The soil stays really moist even through extreme heat conditions. We've really had a dry, hot August, so I am especially impressed. Yesterday we did the counts and checked the weights (see photo). I can say that we are getting a real benefit out of using the Magnation units. It's the combination of treating the seeds and treating the water."
~ Gerry Konan, Junaita, NE

Scott Borman of Nebraska states..."I did some computations based on the results that Gerry Konan's photos show. On his non-treated corn, he had 29,000 plants ... but with Magnation he harvested 29,500 plants. That's 500 more harvested ears of corn per acre. All you have to do is some simple math. I have 720 acres. 500 x 720 = 360,000 plants MORE if you use Magnation for seed germination. THAT'S LIKE HAVING ANOTHER 12 AND A HALF ACRES OF LAND! That's because of the extra seeds that were germinated. If that doesn't convince someone to try Magnation, I don't know what will!"

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Soy yield boost 9.1% with Magnation Corn yield boost 14.6% with Magnation

Corn & Soy Yield Comparison

Farmer Lee Fintel from Superior, Nebraska boasts big yield increase on his corn and soy harvests. His harvest monitor reflects 14.6% yield increase from last year's harvest on his corn, and 9.1% yield increase on his soybeans. Lee used the Seed Maximizer and Turbulator for his farms.

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Better growth with Magnation

Spinach Comparison

Early adopter Wayne Gularte of Rincon Farms in Gonzales, California noticed yield increase of 35% in his spinach program. Plant vitality, germination rates and yield were noticeably better from the beginning. "

My baby spinach yield was over 35% higher with the Magnation unit. It gave me uniformity of seed germination so I could harvest all at the same time."
~ Wayne Gularte, Rincon Farms, Gonzales, CA

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