Case Studies

Nebraska loves Magnation

Increased Crop Yield by 48 Bushels per Acre Using 33% Less Water

Farmer’s Dilemma Solved with Magnation Water Technologies:
Increased Crop Yield by 48 Bushels per Acre Using 33% Less Water

Fintel Farms, Superior, Nebraska

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Water Savings and Greener Greens with Magnation

Golf Course Maintenance:
20% Decreased Water Usage,
Measurably-Enhanced Soil Chemistry

A Game Changer for Golf Course Maintenance
20% Decreased Water Usage — Measurably-Enhanced Soil Chemistry
PLUS Saving Time and Money isn’t Magic... it’s Magnation.

Cordova Bay Golf Course, British Columbia, Canada

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Save Energy with Magnation

Saving Energy by Eliminating and Preventing Mineral Scale Buildup

Treating water to reduce the buildup of calcium and other mineral scaling on equipment
and pipes, as well as enhancing water flow... which means less power needed.

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Magnation boosts yield with better seed germination technology

Invigorated Seeds and Boosted Yields

Innovation In Seed Germination...
Invigorating Seeds and Crops via New Technology

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Organic Farming with Magnation

Organic Farming in California

How An Innovative, Water Saving System Is Helping
Organic Growers With A Variety Of Challenges

Be Love Organic Farm, Vacaville, California

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Potatoes Case Study with Magnation

Profitable Potato Farming in Idaho

Growing Potatoes in Idaho...
with the help of Magnation Water Treatment

Searle Farms, Shelley, Idaho

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California Almond Growers Case Study

Love Almonds!

In Defense of Almonds... Growers are finding ways to produce healthy trees,
reduce the use of pesticides and save water, despite the drought.

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California School District Case Study

Cost-effective way of treating water and saving recreational areas

Keeping School Grounds and Sports Fields Alive
During Times of Drought

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