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Magnation Water Technology for Agriculture

Agriculture Video, 2016



Magnation Water Treatment Helps Increase Yields; Spudman TV

Testimonial video by customer Bryan Searle from Idaho. Produced by David Fairbourne, SpudmanTV & Spudman Magazine, 2017.



Intro to Magnation Technology and Products

Introduction to Magnation's chemical-free water treatment for better water productivity, 2017.



Nebraska farmers share their stories about Magnation

Lyle Mertens of Superior, Nebraska; Luke Meyers of South-Central Nebraska; Roger Peterson of Hardy, Nebraska. Filmed by Lee Fintel, 2016



California orchard farmer claims more vital trees with less fertilizers using Magnation

Piara Johl of Yuba City, California, 2016



California crop advisor endorses Magnation

Greg Baker, CCA, Gridley, California, 2015



Magnation loves Turfgrass

Key Benefits for Turfgrass Presentation, 2017




Zero drift during spraying

Notice there is no drift during 15 mph winds at this Nebraska farm, 2017.



Drift Control for Effective Crop Protection

European distributor corporate video, 2015



Magnation technology explained

Filmed at Agritechnica 2015, Hannover, Germany



Magnation introduction, in Dutch

Filmed at Agritechnica 2015, Hannover, Germany



Pump installation

Filmed with Mike Jenzeh, CEO, in Central California, 2014



Solve sulfur & chlorines

Filmed in Central California, 2014



Howdy, potato yield!

Filmed at Magnation customer Terra Gold Farm in Othello, Washington, 2014



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