Improve Oral Health

Magnetized water for preventing cavities, plaque/gingivitis and dry mouth.

As the gateway to our body, oral health is a fundamental part of our well being. A cavity-free smile is more than just beautiful, it's the kickoff to a healthy body!

Water cleans our mouths with every sip, washing away cavity-causing bacteria which produces enamel-eating acid, as well as preventing the buildup of plaque on our teeth, implants and braces.

Similar to the formation of lime and scale deposits in plumbing, calculus, also known as tartar or dental plaque, forms on tooth surfaces. Plaque, a bacterial biofilm, is caused by precipitation of minerals (calcium and phosphate ions) and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF), negatively impacting our gum health and leading to gingivitis.

Magnetized water breaks up the clusters of water surrounding the minerals, GCF and other “foreign” molecules. By doing so these molecules polarize, are suspended and carried along in the water, carried to the body’s elimination system, rather than deposited onto the tooth surface to create plaque.

Oral irrigators with a magnetic water device have shown a statistically significant effect on plaque. In a study featured in the May 1993 Journal Of Clinical Periodontology, the group using an oral irrigator with a magnetic device showed a 44% greater reduction in calculus volume and a 42% greater reduction in area over the group using an non-magnetized irrigator.

Additionally, dry mouth is another symptom of dehydration, which magnetized water corrects efficiently. When saliva—our mouth’s first defense again tooth decay—runs low, dry mouth may put you at risk for tooth decay. Drinking magnetized water can significantly help mitigate dry mouth and easy to avoid decay.

Turbo-charge your water, making it even more of a cleaning and hydrating powerhouse with Magnation’s Springbolt on your faucet or oral irrigator/water flosser. A one-time investment will give many years of benefits, with no cartridges or filters to replace.


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