Improve Hydration and Accelerate Detoxification

A key player in optimizing your body and mind.

Hydration is essential for good health. To reach (and maintain) optimal hydration, we need our input to equal the amount our bodies need. If only the solution were as simple as drinking more water!

Naturally occuring hard water minerals, environmental toxins, and chemical additives intended to treat and enhance our municipal water supply combine to produce flatline water. It lacks energizing and life-giving qualities. This would be the opposite of “bioavailable water.” You can drink a ton of hard water and never actually achieve a hydrated state due to the lack of water quality.

Our body is a fascinating machine that runs on water. Our brains (made of 73% water) can’t operate at potential without it. Our energy levels drop and toxins build up without enough water to flush them out. So without enough water, our processes, our organs, our bones, our cells—every part of us has to operate short-staffed. Without adequate water, we cannot achieve or maintain homeostasis.

Cellular metabolism is the sum total of all biochemical reactions taking place within a cell. It is the most fundamental level where the dynamic properties of life begin to appear. All processes that occur within individual organisms can be traced to the pathways of cellular metabolism. How do you support this dynamic, baseline state of your body’s optimal health? Improve your water quality! Not only will you improve the hydration of all your body’s cells, organs and systems, you will also experience toxin removal at an accelerated rate.

Water treated with Magnation’s water technology maximizes hydration and cellular metabolism. When a jumbled mass of large water molecules that have bonded with other elements (naturally occurring and added) pass through a Magnation system or funnel, the ionic bonds are broken down and the water molecule is restructured into its smallest form. Using hydrodynamic magnetic resonance (HDMR), “dead” water is returned to its polar state. Not only are some bad things broken down, the small, balanced water is more bioavailable to our cells.

Drinking restructured “living” water maximizes hydration as you experience quicker and better cell absorption. The benefits of expedited hydrated cells ripples out to every organ, bone, and system in your body.

Improving our hydration also strengthens our body’s ability to detoxify and prevent lactic acid buildup by hydrating our cells, increasing absorption of minerals and making toxin removal more efficient. Wetter water is better water. The less work our bodies have to do in order to hydrate, the better!

A few examples of body functions that benefit from faster and better hydration:

  • Digestive System
  • Nervous System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Urinary System
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Accelerated toxin removal


Magnation Water Products for Personal Wellness and Home

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