Enhance Electrical Energy in Your Body

Polarity of water and minerals impact system efficiency.

Electricity is defined as the movement of an electrical charge, due to the reactions of atoms and molecules present. It’s technically chemical energy.

In the body, positive sodium ions and negative potassium ions control this process. The electrical impulse travels through the nerve pathways. Nerves contain a fatty substance called myelin, that insulates the electrical pulse, essential for proper transmission of pulse. Sodium ions are more densely saturated on the exterior, while potassium on the interior creating a slightly negative charge. In the sheath are breaks where the ions can exchange as they are attracted to each other. This exchange is what continues the electrical signal in the body, what we call bioelectricity.

Every element on the periodic chart that we consume in our bodies from hydrogen to oxygen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, or chloride, has a specific electrical charge. This means a specific configuration of electrons, protons and neutrons. Whether positive or negatively charged, the reaction with adjacent molecules causes the energy that creates electricity.

In the heart, pressure from the blood allows Sodium to penetrate into the cell wall, causing the potassium to leave. This generates a predominately positive charge. The calcium channels open up allowing the calcium to enter the cell wall. This amplifies the already positive charge, which now creates an “action potential”, with the negative charge outside the cell. Once the action potential hits a certain level, it actively moves down the nerves of the heart, causing the muscles of heart contract and beat.

With the cardiovascular system and nervous system elegantly entwined, the polarity of the elements impacts the rate at which electrical impulse can be created. With Magnation, this electrical impulse is enhanced by polarizing the H2O molecules and respective healthy minerals that our bodies need to function, creating an efficient baseline for all the bodily systems that depend on water, minerals and enzymes to function. Not to mention this polarization also repels the coagulation and buildup inside arteries.

Better electrons. Better water. Better body.


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