Alkalinity and pH

Water quality, not water alkalinity, impacts your blood pH.

The pH balance our our bodies—or the balance between acid and alkaline—is measured on a scale of 1 (acid) to 14 (alkaline). All of our body fluids and tissues have their own pH level. Our saliva is usually slightly alkaline while our stomach acid is of course, highly acidic. When we talk about our body’s overall pH, that is measured in the blood.

When our bodies are in a balanced state, called homeostasis, our body alkalinity will measure 7.4 or close to that. This indicates that our body systems are functioning well and we enjoy an overall state of wellness. Our body strives to achieve and maintain homeostasis constantly and likewise, maintaining a healthy pH balance is an essential component to homeostasis. When our pH levels tip either way, we experience symptoms as our body responds to whatever has gone awry.

Acidosis, too much acid, and alkalosis, too much base, are not ideal states for the body and can be dangerous. Our blood alkalinity must stay in a narrow range to keep our body functioning. For example, acidosis can cause the kidneys to excrete too many minerals out of the body leaving us mineral deficient, which inhibits vitamin absorption. Both vitamins and minerals are essential for enzyme function, for one. Severe deficiencies can also lead to a suppressed immune system.

Because the typical American diet is high in acid-forming foods and low in alkaline-forming foods, there is a lot of talk about American bodies being too acidic. Without regularly testing our blood pH level, it’s not something we can know exactly. PH balance is complicated, as complicated as the body systems that regulate it. But the need for better, optimal hydration, is a given.

A pillar of improving our wellness is to hydrate, and this is true for supporting our body in maintaining optimal pH levels, too. The kidneys play a lead role in balancing our body pH, and dehydration drastically slows their roll. The water quality (not necessarily the water pH level) matters in terms of how well our body can hydrate itself from the water we drink.

Water molecules don’t fly solo—they form clusters. Tap water, for instance, is most often comprised of large clusters of water molecules. These large clusters are more difficult and more time-consuming for our body to absorb them. Water that is treated with a Magnation product is more easily absorbed because the hydrodynamic magnetic resonance restructures it, breaking down the large clusters into small ones.

To put it simply, we want to properly hydrate our body to maintain pH balance. And in order to better hydrate, we want to drink water that is bioavailable!


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