Membrane-free Wastewater Treatment

By changing the physical and biological properties of wastewater, Magnation’s water technology helps any wastewater treatment regardless of industry or process, ranging from municipal wastewater plants and manufacturing plants to industrial sites and from petrochemical to semiconductor to food processing. The impact of these changes accelerates solid sedimentation, improves the collection of fine particulates, decreases dissolved solids, reduces sludge digestion time and significantly decreases scale. At the same time, Magnation water systems increase the amount of oxygen, and the water becomes lighter with less friction resulting in easier-to-move liquids that use less energy to move it.

Magnation improves the efficiency and efficacy of these wastewater treatment processes:

  • sedimentation, aeration and filtration to remove insoluble particles and contaminants
  • reverse osmosis and membranes to remove salts
  • biological processes to break down soap, oils and food
  • chemicals such as chlorine and ozone to kill bacterial and purify water
  • solid-liquid separation through the use of a centrifuge or other equipment


Significantly reduce scale with zero chemicals, electricity or consumables 

Rather than use chemicals to remove struvite and mineral scale, Magnation water systems reverse scale buildup through magnetics and turbulence. Because Magnation water conditioning technologies decrease the surface tension and viscosity of water, flow increases and stresses on piping and equipment decrease. As a result, wastewater treatment systems require less energy, maintenance and downtime for optimal operation while also extending equipment life as well as extending the life of membranes and consumables.



Magnation chemical-free water systems improve water quality, reduce scale, and move water and liquids faster with less energy. Installing a Magnation system in a water-treatment facility decreases pathogenic bacteria and is highly effective in separating gasoline, diesel, crude oils, vegetable oils and grease. Magnation water conditioning systems efficiently and effectively decrease weighed particles size and reduce quantities of magnesium, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbons, calcium, nitrates, phosphorus, oils, sodium+potassium to more acceptable levels. Improve the quality of effluent water and improve your sustainability factors with Magnation.

Magnation’s patented water technology products also include a two to seven year warranty (depending on material and model) and world-class support. 

Recommended Products for Wastewater Treatment



Rainbolt post-pump passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes up to 4". Installed at the pump, with NPT threads. Turbulator passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes 4" and up. Installed either pre or post-pump with flanges.

Magnation boasts zero chemicals, energy or maintenance required to maximize each drop of water. Enjoy the benefits year after year. Magnation offers a two-year money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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