Boost efficiency in drilling and processing with applied physical liquid dynamics for Oil & Gas

Apply Physics to Oil and Natural Gas Scale Problems

Magnation combines magnetics and turbulence to dramatically reduce water hardness and significantly reduce scale from pipelines and equipment without the use of chemicals or acid washes.

Rainbolt and Turbulator chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free products consume less energy to move liquids. Lowering the viscosity of water reduces friction in operating equipment and helps save loads of energy and water use— with virtually no impact on the environment.

Magnation’s easy-to-use water technology products are durable, produce a extremely fast ROI and include world-class support.


Traditional Methods Increase Energy Use and Costs

The traditional ways of descaling in oil and natural gas production are chemical and mechanical treatments. In addition to a hefty price tag, chemicals are super labor intensive, cause down time and lost production. Chelating inhibitors and hydrochloric acids can reduce or remove scale, however chemicals or inhibitors may only affect certain types of scale, produces waste, introduces chemicals into the environment, and increases energy use.

Mechanical descaling such as scraping can be enhanced and more efficient if the fluids passing though are treated by Magnation, also verifiably lessening energy costs.



Drilling mud is more absorbent when treated with Magnation, achieving better mud-mixing while reducing the use of water and chemicals.

While hydraulically stimulating wells, brine is injected to maintain a stable bore hole. Scale forms more rapidly and ferociously when untreated water is used. Magnation is an ideal component in hydraulic stimulation because improved solubility means 10% less chemicals are needed.



Scaling in tubing, wellbore and in production equipment is a big problem in production of oil and gas. One of the only systems that can be installed at the bottom of the well, the need for down hole chemical injection is drastically reduced with Magnation installed. During natural gas processing, scaling also occurs within the entire glycol loop, which reduces the efficiency of heat exchangers and reboilers. Incorporating Magnation, scaling is drastically reduced.

Magnation ionizes the water molecules and reduces the potential for hydrates to form and clog – one of the most dangerous phenomena in oil and gas production.


In Summary

With Magnation’s powerful passive, inline fluid treatment, mineral scale and corrosion mitigation and improved viscosity and less friction ensures your pipes, pumps and equipment last longer with less maintenance and less energy. And your image to be an environmental leader in the world of oil and natural gas production just got easier.

Big bottom line savings.


Recommended Products for Oil & Natural Gas


Rainbolt passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes up to 4". Installed at the pump, with NPT threads. Turbulator passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes 4" and up. Installed either pre or post-pump with flanges.

Magnation boasts zero chemicals, energy or maintenance required. Enjoy the benefits year after year. Magnation offers a two-year money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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