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Chemical-free solutions to effectively sanitize for a healthier environment

Are cleaning agents, chlorines, iron bacteria, mineral scale, biofilm, algae and foul odors part of your facilities maintenance list?

Here's how to keep them off of it. Install a passive, in-line Magnation water treatment device in your plumbing and you not only solve hard water problems that impact scale and corrosion, you immediately solve dangerous biofilm with the same stone. With zero chemicals.

When mineral clusters in the water are larger in size, it creates a conducive habitat for pathogens and bacteria to bond due to cavitation. Cavitation is the formation of vapor cavities in a liquid (“bubbles” or “voids”) that are the consequence of forces acting upon the liquid. By treating water as it moves through Magnation’s specialized magnetic field and patented designs, these pockets of gases are busted apart and the environment is now more difficult for unwanted bacteria, pathogens and biofilm to grow.

Additionally, solubility improves the perfomance of detergent and chemical cleansers. Less surface tension means a quicker activation of your chemical investments. While doing less to do the job, you're not only saving big on your bottom line, but being a little kinder to our environment.

Improve water quality with better electrons.

Improve water quality with TDS including calcium, magnesium, lime, iron and other hard water issues impacting scale and corrosion with zero chemicals, energy or maintenance. Passive inline system installed once and treats water and all liquids effectively for many years to come.

Reduce chemicals 10-50%

Eliminate harsh acid and chlorine washes used to mitigate mineral scale and biofilm. Stretch detergents and cleaning agents 30%-50%.

Improve environmental safety

Reduce and minimize environmental impact with safer solvents, less waste and zero by-products. Improve worker safety with less exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Solve maintenance problems

Reverse, eliminate and prevent mineral scale buildup in pipes, plumbing, pumps, nozzles, emitters and interior surfaces. Increase equipment longevity and decrease maintenance down time.


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