Premium UV Solutions for HVAC

Cleaner, healthier air and water quality throughout your HVAC system with Magnation's sustainably-minded UV treatment

Magnation’s all-new MagUV series fuses top performing physical technologies to advance water quality and productivity, as well as air quality applications.

For fluid applciations, the UV process purifies fluids as it runs through a stainless steel reactor that contains a germicidal or Vacuum UV-C lamp. As water flows by the lamp, a destructive dose of UV-C light will provide the following for your application:

  • Disinfection
  • Ozone Destruction
  • Chlorine / Chloramine Destruction
  • TOC Destruction

For air filtration, MagUV destroys pathogens and bacteria for a cleaner, healthier environment for all to work and thrive in.



  • Touch screen HMI interface with remote communication tool for real time data acquisition
  • 316L stainless steel reactor construction with standard electro-polish finish (Ra40 Standard, Ra15 Optional)
  • State of the art electronic ballast matched to optimize lamp performance
  • Small, flexible reactor footprint with L or U reactor flow pattern for simplicity
  • Single end UV lamp and quartz sleeve for ease of service
  • Circular cable assembly connector design to simplify UV reactor and control panel installation (16ft / 5M standard)
  • Choice of inlet / outlet connection size (ANSI and Sanitary Ferrule)
  • True wash-down design for both control panel and UV reactor
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee
  • Magnation-powered magnetic resonance to amplify UV impact
  • Ceramic lamp connectors
  • SS compression nuts for added safety

Manufactured with the highest quality components, Magnation guarantees performance and reliability. With 25,000 installations and a satisfaction money-back guarantee, it’s time to implement tomorrow’s technology, today.

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Better Air & Water Quality with UV Magnation

Better Air & Water Quality with UV Magnation