Improve drinking water and ice for healthier people, environment and business.

Thrive with better sanitation, hydration and productivity.

Reduce mold, mildew and pathogens
Better tasting water and ice
Off-gassing, anti-oxidant
Improves performance of all filters, pumps, pipes and equipment
Extends equipment lifespan
Easy installation

Maximize the power of your drinking water by invigorating electrons and increasing bioavailability. On a biological level, Magnation improves hydration impacting cellular, enzymatic and electrical function, and also accelerates detoxification. Improve the function of your body systems with better nutrient absorption and assimilation. Would you like to improve body alkalinity? Reduce chlorine as it inhibits our potential for optimal health, and how Magnation reduces chlorine simply and effectively. Boost your body's electricity and nervous system function, as well as oral health. Support a healthier, happier and more productive workforce by improving drinking water!


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Healthier drinking water with Magnation