Superior poultry, dairy & livestock quality with optimum hydration and boosted heat stress resistance.

Better Animal Performance, Biosecurity & Sanitation with Rainlike Water

Domestic animals continue to make important contributions to global food supply. Livestock products account for about 30 percent of the global value of agriculture and 19 percent of the value of food production, and provide 34 percent of protein and 16 percent of the energy consumed in human diets.

Water is the most important and often the most overlooked component of animal health. For poultry, egg production and broiler flock performance are directly affected by both water quality and structure. For dairy & cattle, milk production and meat quality rely on hydration and nourishment. Clearly, not all water is the same. Water quality can range from toxic and debilitating to life-giving, hydrating, cellular invigorating and capillary activating. Water issues can lead to lost performance and host of costly problems.

Magnation maximizes the potential of water to it’s optimal state by improving it’s quality and bioavailability (visualize structured water with better electrons in every atom) for effective hydration, weight consistency and immunity in all animals, while using less to do more.

Less of what? Water to hydrate and nourish. Antibiotics. Nutrients, since what is used transforms into a more bioavailable state. Ammonia and Co2 emissions. Toxic chemicals. Less stress, less disease, less management, less mortality.

More what? Time, yields, resources, profit, animal welfare and environmental safety—and recognition for efficient and sustainable practices. Check out some of these testimonials.


Scale mitigation for equipment and operations

Water is in itself a critical nutrient but it also has the unique ability to carry other nutrients. Due to its hydrogen bonding capabilities water is also a universal solvent that naturally “clusters up” with a variety of minerals and other compounds both good and bad. This problem, ubiquitous around the world, results in mineral scale. Water “hardness” from calcium carbonate forms scale and clogs watering systems. Magnation offsets high levels of salinity, iron, iron bacteria, hydrogen sulfide (indicated by the rotten egg smell) and a host of other “passengers” that are along for the ride without chemicals, energy or maintenance. Learn more about scale control


Better manure!

Manure stacks more easily and makes for resale profit after drinking Magnation's rainlike water. This shows healthier absorption and gut systems.

stackable manure with rainlike water


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Bird performance, Biosecurity, Sanitation with Rainlike Water


Less surface runoff with manure irrigation