Magnation water systems for greenhouses and drip irrigation.

Yield increase, better plant vigor, reduced inputs with less water and energy for drip irrigation. Bust salts for chemical-free mineral scale mitigation.

  • Reduced irrigation by a minimum of 20%
  • Reduced fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides by 10-50% with improved solubility
  • Increased seed germination and speed of seedling emergence for improved crop uniformity
  • Makes previously unusable saline water usable and increases water productivity
  • Improved soil infiltration, soil capillary action and moisture retention
  • Improved soil pH and remove/dissolve impurities from soils
  • Reduced friction, better water flow with less pressure
  • Extended equipment longevity & less maintenance
  • Reduced mineral scale buildup and corrosion
  • Solve iron bacteria, algae and biofilm
  • Increased nutrient content in produce
  • Increased yields by at least 10%
  • Increased shelf life of produce
  • Increased fine root growth
  • Improved taste of produce
  • Prevent spider mites


The quality of the water you use is critical to getting the results you want. Productive water has better electrons and polarized salts. Magnation’s breakthrough water softening treatment technology for drip irrigation solves hard water issues by transforming hard, saline and previously unusable water to high-quality, soft and productive water with physics. Improve water quality and efficiency with increased dissolved oxygen and lower TDS including calcium carbonate and bicarbonates, iron bacteria, boron toxicity and hydrogen sulfide issues. Reverse, eliminate and prevent mineral scale buildup from emitters, pipes and equipment.

Improve soil health with improved water penetration, uniform distribution and moisture retention by up to 251%. Increase oxygen concentration for the reduction of soil-borne diseases including nematodes, fusarium and fungal diseases. Correct soil pH, leach and neutralize salts for mellower soils. Boost drip irrigation efficacy with improved nutrient uptake for healthier plants and longer shelf life with Magnation.

In addition to water treatment, spray and fertigation programs can amplify their effectiveness with Magnation's Drift Control. Droplets are smaller and polarized and a reduction in the solution’s surface tension and viscosity allows for better foliar absorption and more uniform distribution, maximizing your chemical investments.

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Recommended products for greenhouse, nursery and horticultural applications


Maximum water productivity for your entire operation, not just for enhancing drip irrigation and watering. Rainbolt post-pump passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes up to 4". Learn more | Buy now!


Aquabolt designed to solve extreme saline water. Static mixing with double Rainbolt magnetic treatments amplifies vortexing technology, invigorating and liberating previously bonded molecules for a more productive, active and life-giving water .Learn more | Buy now!



Seed Maximizer for improved seed germination with improved plant vigor and crop uniformity. Treatments with Magnation’s specialized field enhance seed vigor by influencing the bio-chemical processes that involve free radicals, and by stimulating activity of proteins and enzymes. Boost disease resistance and yields from the seed stage. Learn more | Buy now!



Drift control maximizes foliar distribution and absorption for sprayers and fertigation systems, cutting down on chemical investments by 10-50%. Eliminate resistant weeds, making your spray program 100% effective. Learn more | Buy now!

And to top it off, zero chemicals, energy or maintenance. Join the growing numbers of discerning and experienced growers and cultivators who make every drop count.

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Magnation for drip irrigation and watering systems, better yields

Yield boost and less spider mites with Magnation

Produce comparision with Magnation

Improved plant vitality and longer shelf life with Magnation treated water

More vigorous roots and plant vitality with Magnation treated water