Your best irrigation investment.

Fast ROI this season.

  • Reduced irrigation by 20%
  • Reduce pump energy on average by 25%
  • Reduced fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides by 10-50% with improved solubility
  • Improved soil infiltration, soil capillary action and moisture retention
  • Soil desalinisation typically in the first year for first 1-1.5 meters
  • Reduced friction, better water flow with less pressure
  • Extended equipment longevity & less maintenance
  • Reduced mineral scale buildup and corrosion
  • Faster emergence and crop uniformity
  • Solve iron bacteria, algae and biofilm
  • Increased shelf life of produce
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • Balanced soil pH
  • Increased yields


Magnation’s Rainlike Water for healthier soil, better nutrient uptake and disease resistance, better yields with reduced inputs, water and energy. Do more with less.

Magnation Energized and Revitalizing Water


center pivot irrigation

Turbulator passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes 4" and up. Installed either pre or post-pump with flanges.

Use on average 25% less water during a regular irrigation season, with healthier yields. Use 25% less pumping energy to move your water due to friction loss, while improving flow. Use 10% less fertilizers due to improved solubility.

Zero chemicals, energy, maintenance or byproducts. Enjoy the benefits year after year. Magnation's systems typically pay for themselves within one harvest year, often with a profit, quickly returning your cost of investment. We guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year money back guarantee.

Proudly designed, sourced and made in USA as the leader in chemical-free water softening since 2008.


Other products for Ag


Rainbolt for Ag

For smaller pipe sizes, Rainbolt post-pump passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes up to 4". Installed at the pump, with NPT threads.




Promote early emergence and crop unifrmity with Magnation's Seed Maximizer

Seed Maximizer for earlier emergence and crop uniformity. Treatments with Magnation’s specialized field enhance seed vigor by influencing the bio-chemical processes that involve free radicals, and by stimulating activity of proteins and enzymes. Boost disease resistance and yields from the seed stage.



Eliminate resistant weeds, making your spray program 100% effective. Drift control maximizes foliar distribution and absorption for sprayers and fertigation systems, cutting down on chemical investments by 10-50%. Install at the tank or before splitting into multiple nozzles and works great with aerial applicators and ground applicators.



Magnation Well Units solve iron bacteria and mitigate mineral scale

Rainbolt Well Units treat high TDS, rust, iron, iron bacteria, calcium, lime, and hard water issues before they become problems. Reduces viscosity and friction with zero chemicals or energy.On average 25% pumping energy savings with improved flow and pressure. Well units are installed at the well for powerfully effective pre-pump treatment.


Magnation Ag Testimonials


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"My baby spinach yield was over 35% higher with the Magnation unit. It gave me uniformity of seed germination so I could harvest all at the same time."

~ Wayne Gularte, Rincon Farms, Gonzales, CA


"Works as effective as gypsum in leaching fields."

~ Grimmway Farms, Imperial Valley, CA


"We had improved yields and quality of our radicchio using Magnation's water system. I noticed better quality on my tomatoes which I was able to export. We also installed a Magnation system on one tower and another tower without; it was night and day difference in scale buildup. The one with Magnation's system had significant reduction in scaling in our cooling tower."

~ Jeff Marchini; J.Marchini Farms, Le Grand, CA, Former Farm Bureau President


"Due to better penetration and water retention in the soil, we've cut back water use significantly while improving the quality of our grapes. We also didn't have to inject calcium, and do not have the usual mineral buildup in our emitters."

~ Mark Merritt & John Zaninovich, Merritt Farms, Porterville, CA


Our scale was way down on our lines and we didn't have to clean or change any of our emitters on our prune trees. The hardness of our water at home went down from from 40 to 4 grains.

~ Paul Johl, Stone fruit grower, Yuba City, CA


"We're noticing better water infiltration and soil moisture retention for my onions, almonds, pistachios, cotton, and tomatoes using Magnation's water systems."

~ Tony Azevedo, Stone Land Company, Lemoore, CA


"Moisture gains spiked at various depths up to five feet, previously never showing these moisture gains. The farm has noticed gains in system pressure covering more zone." View PureSense moisture results on Almonds. Blue vertical lines reflects date of installation (6/2/13). Data provided by independent consulting firm.

~ Almond Farmer, Chowchilla, CA


There was a night and day difference where we have the calcium issues. We're also seeing better water infiltration and moisture retention. Our soils are mellower and our trees look healthier in comparison to where we use sulfuric acid.

~ Robert Jones, Robert Jones Farms, Fresno, CA


"Using the Magnation water treatment has noticeably reduced the quantities of our inputs. We are using significantly less than other pomegranate growers in the area."

~ Mike Etchegoinberry, Etchegoinberry Farms, Mendota, CA


"Better leaf coverage with our spraying."

~ Donnie Rose, Pistachio grower, Kettleman City, CA


"It works! Better infiltration and no stick tights on our almonds."

~ Mike & Scott Pressley, Modesto, CA


"I heard about Magnation through my friend/neighbor Mark Merritt and I was very skeptical in the beginning. But as soon as we had installed the Magnation systems on our pumps; gallons per minute went up from 1700 gpm to 2000 gpm on one pump, and 2000 gpm went up to 2300 gpm on another pump. We haven't used gypsum since we're getting better infiltration with no run off, and our trees are healthier¦ I'm loving what I'm seeing and sharing it with my neighbors. When can you deliver a 16" Turbulator?"

~Kelley Ivankovic, Central Valley farms, Porterville, CA


"I'm getting better penetration and my almond trees are looking great. I also noticed my pH dropped from 8.0 to 7.3. My wife is impressed with the plants around the house."

~ Fred Scott, Atwater, CA


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Yield boost and less spider mites with Magnation

Produce comparision with Magnation

Heavier produce weight with Magnation

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