Soft Rain Shower Treatment

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Soft Rain Shower Treatment | Remove chlorine, Shower filter

Product Summary

Soft Rain™ will remove chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and calcium and magnesium which will make your water softer and healthier.

Chemical-free, energy-free and 100% maintenance-free.

The beauty of Magnation’s inline Soft Rain™ unit is that you can install it between your existing showerhead and the water line so you can keep your existing showerhead and enjoy the options it offers. Our less conspicuous design won’t deflate your bathroom’s style as much as a typical showerhead filtering system, which also tends to negatively impact flow. Magnation’s Soft Rain shower treatment also improves flow and pressure.

Soft Rain™ Benefits

  • Significantly Reduces Chlorine!
  • Makes Water Softer
  • Stops Bacteria And Viruses
  • Reduces Harmful Chemicals
  • Safe For Children
  • Zero maintenance—No cartridges or salts to replace!
  • Improve flow and pressure

More Information

Untreated shower water can contain many health-adverse contaminents including toxic chemicals, pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi) and unwanted minerals—especially calcium and magnesium—the culprit of problematic “hard water” and limescale.

Chlorine has been used for treating water all around the world for decades, and is used to kill the most dangerous pathogens in the water. However, chlorine’s killing properties will also kill the healthy bacteria that grows naturally on our skin. Without the protective bacteria, our skin is vulnerable to diseases!

In addition, chlorine strips your skin and hair of their natural oils, making them look dull, weak and unhealthy. When chlorine dries, it dulls the hair color, and can even cause some skin conditions. Couple chlorine with the hard water, and your skin and hair take a beating without Magnation’s ultra elegant and effective Supersoft RainShower unit.

Chemicals can eventually find their way into your water. Substances like pesticides, herbicides, and different pharmaceuticals can be commonly found in water, and they can really be harmful to your health. The human body is more likely to absorb lingering toxic disinfectants (post-municipal-treatment!) and contaminents during a shower than it is when drinking the water. Your body can absorb more chlorine (or contaminants) in a ten minute shower than in drinking eight glasses of the same water!

The showerhead itself can sometimes act as a perfect location for breeding bacteria due to the warm, moist environment, and rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets called cavitation. Magnation’s vortexing and polarizing effect liberates the molecular bonds, which eliminates potential environments for bacteria to cavitate.

Additionally, chlorinated showers increase the chances of a child developing asthma and allergies caused by the inhalation of chlorine vapors. Be sure to provide adequate ventilation as the chlorine is liberated from the water molecules back into it’s natural gaseous state.

1 year money back guarantee, 2 year manufacturers warranty.


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