Rainbolt for Scale Control in Wells

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Scale Control for Wells

Product Summary

Rainbolt for Scale Control in Wells is the optimal investment to prevent locking up of pumps! Solve iron bacteria and prevent scale buildup at the first point of entry with your water source for a cleaner, more efficient operation. Reduce pumping costs by 15% and increase flow, improve pressure, and eliminate the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Easy-to-install and long lasting, Magnation's Rainbolt for Scale Control in Wells also helps reduce irrigation requirements by 10-30%, reduces energy consumption and maximizes chemical investments. Save money and time spent on maintenance, expensive downtime and equipment repair, and increase the longevity of pumps, pipes, and emitters.

Chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free—and zero byproducts.

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Scale Control Benefits

  • Treats rust, iron, iron bacteria, calcium, lime, and hard water issues in pipes, plumbing, nozzles and interior surfaces
  • Reduces viscosity and friction with zero chemicals
  • Reduces maintenance down-time and expense
  • 12.5% to 16.9% pumping energy savings
  • Reduces chemicals
  • Improves water flow

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