Powerband™ High Performance Energy Band

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Powerband High Performance Energy Band | Magnetic Bracelet

Product Summary

Magnation's Powerband™ High Performance Energy Band is a top-quality and stylish magnetic bracelet that delivers high-grade performance. Designed with maximum guass the impact is better than any other magnetic bracelet you can find on the market today. Easy to wear and versatile, Magnation's magnetic bracelet is designed for improved sleep, enhanced energy, pain management, better focus and for boosted athletic performance. 

Versatile and easy to use on water bottles for better hydration, degassing and softening wines and spirits, Magnation's Powerband™ High Performance Energy Band is sure to be your best and easiest investment for promoting health and wellness for everywhere you go.

Bioenergetics, Polarity, Strength, and Product Features

Magnets effect bioenergetic fields, or biofields—sometimes also referred to as life force, chi or energy flow. Acupunturists, MD’s, energy workers and healers as well as every day people are increasingly aware of our biofields, and leveraging technologies that can support our well being. Biofields have been defined as "energy fields that purportedly surround and penetrate the human body," according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. As real as our skin, heart and mind, we can positively effect the healing capacities of our energy fields with magnetic therapies.

Static, or “permanent” magnets used in magnetic therapy devices come in two different polarity arrangements. The magnets are either unipolar, which means they have north on one side and south on the other, or they are alternating-pole, which means they are made from a sheet of magnetic material with north and south magnets arranged in an alternating pattern. It's important to note cancer cells have been shown to grow under unipolar conditions. Magnation assures no unipolar magnets are used in the Powerband bracelets. We make all of our products using multi-alternative polar for optimal health and environmental benefits.

Magnetic strength is measured in guass. A Tesla gauss is 10,000 gauss. Magnation’s Powerband is approximately at a half-Tesla strength. Most commonly used therapeutic magnets measure 400 to 800 gauss, and are generally too weak to penetrate your skin, which can be around 3mm thick. Magnation’s Powerband has many magnets embedded in the band, each generating positive and negative charges, at 4000-8000 gauss per bracelet. This strength will also have a noticeable effect on your drinking water when positioned around your water bottle.

Powerband™ Magnetic Bracelet Benefits

  • Improves circulation by drawing more blood to the arm and wrist because of the iron in your blood and also improving detoxification.
  • Reduces inflammation due to improved blood flow, and supports longevity.
  • Promotes relaxation by magnetic waves lengthening and relaxing soft tissues.
  • Better sleep with improved melatonin production.
  • Relieves pain by reducing lactic acid and calcium deposits, both of which can cause pain in the joints and other parts of the body. Magnation helps calcium ions move more quickly through the body, speeding up the healing process for nervous tissue and bones.
  • Enhance energy flow and boost the vitality of your life force.
  • Look good wearing your magnetic bracelet while doing good for your healthy self!
  • Versatile for optimal hydration on the go!

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