Rainbolt H2O Softener for Home & Garden

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Rainbolt H2O Softener for Home & Garden | Salt-free water softening

Product Summary

Rainbolt H2O Softener is Magnation's residential whole-house solution replacing annoying and time-consuming salt softeners. Bag the salts with a one-time plumbing installation!

Salt-free softener with Rainbolt H2O Softener

There are no by-products, filters to replace, chemicals to add, electricity required or maintenance needed! Forget the softener and enjoy soft, healthy bathing, cooking and cleaning water. Improve suds and lather, reduce chlorines and other gases. Improve the performance of soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents for a cleaner and greener home. Chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free—and zero byproducts!

Install at main line after water meter prior to water heater to treat entire home and garden.

Bolt H2O Softener Installation

Boost the effectiveness by doubling up Rainbolts, upgrading to an Aquabolt for extreme TDS conditions, adding a Springbolt to your appliance water lines, faucets and a Soft Rain for your showers.

A one-time investment in an Rainbolt H2O Softener provides between many years of healthier drinking, cooking and bathing water, as well as softer water throughout your entire home and garden—with zero maintenance. Extend the life of your pipes and appliances, too! Available for 3/4" and 1" pipes (larger sizes available) in aerospace anodized aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Comes with Limited Manufacturers Warranty.



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Rainbolt H2O Softener Benefits

Home Benefits

  • Reduces and reverses scale buildup in appliances and pipes
  • Softer water requires less detergent and chemicals
  • Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Less residue in showers, toilets and sinks
  • Happier house plants and cut flowers
  • Less chlorine and pathogens
  • No slimy residue
  • Bag the salts!

Garden Benefits

  • Reduce water consumption by 20% (learn more here)
  • Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils
  • Reduces fertilizer and pesticides
  • Increases turf uniformity
  • Increases plant vigor
  • Improves soil pH

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