Improve water quality with better electrons.

Make every drop count with softer, lighter, and faster moving water.

The quality of the water you use is critical to getting the results you want. Improve your quality of water with better electrons and polarized salts with Magnation's breakthrough water softening treatment technology. This revolutionary physics-based water treatment is truly sustainable and efficient, replacing outdated methods of using chemicals to solve hard water issues by tranforming hard, saline and previously unusable water to high-quality, soft water that moves easier.

Magnation’s chemical-free water softening technology leverages the power of physics for a superior water quality. Lorentz force, ionization, rifling, vortexing, Fibonacci’s golden ratio, the Venturi effect, kinetics and static mixing transform hard and problematic water into soft, high-quality “rainlike” water. Likened to the process of rain, agitated water molecules result in reduced surface tension for naturally soft and vibrant water.

This results in many benefits from better flow, mitigating mineral scale buildup and iron bacteria, superior infiltration and uniform distribution into soils and capillaries, improved nutrient uptake for stronger plant vigor, improved solubility for mixing, improving pump performance, saving energy and more.


Polarity for Softness

Covalently bonded to the central atom of oxygen (O), by the sharing of two electron pairs from the hydrogen atoms (H). The remaining two electrons exert a strong repulsive force, pushing the hydrogen atoms together. 

Water molecules are inherently neutral (no net electrical charge), however it is still polar by having a partial negative charge near the unshared O electrons and partial positive charge near the H atoms. 

The formation of an organized intermolecular structure—structured water—happens by the consistent polarity in every molecule of water where the positive and negative sides are attracted to each other. It is in this physical conduit that the Lorentz Force breaks apart the binding quality through magnetic resonance, also known as hydrodynamic magnetic resonance. Magnation leverages this polarity to control the binding of unwanted minerals and remains chemical-free, effective, and without environmental damage for water softening. This creates a softer, more permeable and productive water for irrigation and water conservation, while also preventing mineral scale buildup also improving flow with less energy for industrial applications.


Better electrons for a lighter, faster-moving water

Comparative lab tests (above) reflect untreated water and Magnation-treated water. The chart on the right displays the atomic shift and lightened density of the water. After treatment, the physical, chemical and biological properties are agitated and altered. Water becomes visually transparent and its flora increases. These favorable isotopic geochemical changes occur because Magnation decreases pathogenic bacteria in the water, and inhibits the coagulation of weighed particles and other various chemical compounds. The effect of Magnation's magnetic systems makes matter lighter and smaller on subatomic isotopic levels. This includes chlorides and nitrates.

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Fast ROI

  • Solve mineral scale & corrosion without chemicals
  • Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance
  • Stretch chemical investments by 10-100%
  • Reduce water requirements by 20%
  • Improve plant vigor and quality
  • Improve turf density and color
  • Improve pump performance
  • Energy savings by 10%
  • Better flow & pressure
  • Solve further water quality issues
    Hard water: calcium magnesium (CaMg)
    Hydrogen sulfides (rotten egg smell)
    SAR’s (sodium adsorption ratio)
    Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
    Bicarbonates (HCO3)
    Acidity (pH)
    High TDS water
    Boron toxicity
    Iron bacteria
  • 2-year money-back guarantee


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