Use 10-30% less chemicals in your spray program.

Improved distribution and foliar absorption.

Drift Control™ is now the state-of-the-art innovative solution to control drift during the application of fertilizers and protective insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Beneficial to all types of sprayers whether new or existing, Drift Control can be installed at the tank or before splitting into multiple nozzles.

When chemical and nutrient solutions flow through Magnation’s Drift Control, droplets are smaller and polarized for a more uniform distribution. A reduction in the solution’s surface tension and viscosity allows for better foliar absorption. Cover more area in one pass with increased spray angle by up to 13%. With a lower boom, wind is no longer a problematic factor in your spray program.

Magnation Spray Comparison

Achieve more with less spray

  • Improved water buffering of spray tank or fertigation solution
  • Maximizes fertilizer, biocide and chemical investment
  • Uniform foliar distribution and improved absorption
  • Longevity for sprayer parts, pumps and nozzles
  • Reduced chemical and water requirements
  • Reduced drift and surface run-off
  • Reduce or eliminate surfactants
  • Reduced leaf burn
  • Improved flow
  • Kills fungus
  • Less waste

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