Stretch your fertilizers, inputs and soil amendments 10-50%.

Unlock the nutrients in your water and improve solubility of inputs.

Magnation busts apart the salts and minerals trapped in large water molecule clusters, and holds them in polarized suspension with better electrons for optimal nutrient delivery and maximum productivity of your water.

Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sulfuric acid and other soil amendments treated with Magnation's technology experience improved solubility and dissolvability. Better solvency of your water accelerates the efficient delivery of fertilizer, makes plants grow faster and stronger. Treated water increases the levels of CO2 and H+ in soils comparable to the addition of fertilizers, further reducing the amount of fertilzers required to keep your operation profitable.

Magnation's Drift Control designed for chemical and nutrient spray and fertigation systems maximize the efficacy of inputs in solution with smaller, polarized droplets and reduced surface tension. Chemicals and nutrients treated with Magnation more uniformly coat the leaf surface improving the foliar absorption and effectiveness of your spray applications.

Solubility and solvency saves money and time

  • 10-50% less fertilizers, biocides & soil amendments
  • Reduced chemicals & detergents
  • Reduced viscosity and friction
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Increased permeability

Less chemicals in any industry

Magnation amplifies the power and potency of chemicals and solutions, while decreasing toxicity. Use on all spray programs including water-based chemicals, disinfectants, mold preventatives, pesticides and sanitizers. Improve food safety, food processing, decontamination, industrial coating, scale and corrosion control.

Easy, sustainable practices with a better ROI.

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Less fertilzers and soil amendments