Boost plant vigor!

Vigor starts at the seed. Maximize it's potential.

Treating seeds prior to planting invigorates seeds from the beginning of the growth cycle and stimulates plant growth. Improve seed germination and accelerate germination rates, promote better root structure, increase uniformity, and maximize every plant’s potential.

In conjunction with treating seeds, Magnation's rainlike water treatment foster mellower and balanced pH soils promoting healthier root structures for improved nutrient uptake and stronger disease resistance.

Impact your bottom line with increased disease resistance.

Strong plant vigor reduces the need for insecticides by up to 50%. Cut fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides 10%-30% while improving the health, vigor and quality of your crops and turfgrass.

Better disease resistance against spider mites, and 22% better yield

Higher Yield, No spider mites

"The Magnation-treated block was the best performing block on the raspberry farm. It had the lowest counts of mold and cladisporium. Also the lowest levels of soft fruit, blistered fruit and low levels of insect damage. When the field was under attack from spider mites it was less severe in the Magnation-treated block. Comparing it to the control block trial block the Magnation treated block performed 22% better."
~ Hemel & Aarde Valley Farm, Hermanus District, Western Cape, South Africa

Increased plant vitality and longer shelf life

Longer Shelf Life with Magnation

The Magnation watered tulips absorbed 25% more water, maintained stronger vitality, and lasted longer. Conducted in Netherlands with municipal water.

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Better Germination Rates, No need to Spray for insects


Turf density

Magnation’s seed maximizer for turf density and uniformity


  • Enhanced germination & turf uniformity
  • Higher disease resistance
  • Healthier root structure
  • Enhanced plant health
  • Better absorption rate
  • Improved turf density


Improved Plant Vigor with Magnation