Increased crop production with less water and inputs.

Increased Crop Yield

By treating the water quality, the growth cycle is enhanced with improved vitality and disease resistance, more productive use of inputs including water and fertilizers, and a healthier soil environment. For animals, healthier , less stressed and more productive livestock. Read crop yield increase testimonials

Magnetized water has been reported to triple seedling emergence of wheat (Hilal and Hilal, 2000). (Reina et al. 2002) reported a significant increase in the rate of water absorption and an increase in total mass of lettuce when treated with magnetized water. Chickpea plants irrigated with magnetized water grew taller and heavier than plants irrigated with tap water (Hozayn and Qados, 2010). The authors attribute this stimulation to an increase in photosynthetic pigments, where the magnetic water induces cell metabolism and mitosis meristematic cells in pea, lentil and flax (Belyavskaya, 2001).

Additionally, it is believed that new protein bands are formed in plants that are treated with magnetized water and that these proteins are responsible for increased growth (Hozayn and Qados, 2010). In addition to an increase in photosynthetic pigments, magnetized water has been linked to endogenous promotors, total phenol and protein biosynthesis in plants. (Qados and Hozayn, 2010 and Shabrangi and Majd, 2009). View international research and data

Healthier Livestock with Improved Hydration and Nutrient Consumption

Water is one of the most important nutrients that an animal consumes, and Magnation's magnetized water dramatically improves hydration in all living creatures. Numerous important biological processes require water, such as digestion, absorption, transport and excretion of nutrients and metabolites, components of milk, body temperature regulation and cellular metabolism. Death occurs about nine to ten times more quickly as a result of water deprivation than because of feed deprivation. Poor-quality water or the lack of an adequate supply will depresses an animal's performance more quickly and more dramatically than any other nutrient deficiency.

The amount of available water and the water quality are often overlooked when developing feeding programmes for dairy cattle. When the amount or quality of water becomes restrictive, an animal will not perform at the maximum of its genetic potential. If cows are only able to drink once or twice a day, they will produce less milk; and if adequate water is not available or the quality of the water is low, feed consumption will be reduced and performance will be depressed. Dry matter intake has been found to be highly correlated (at a ratio of 0.91) with water consumption (Dado and Allen, 1994).

The following factors can effect the quality of the water: alkalinity, total dissolved solids, specific minerals (nitrates, sulphates, etc.), and bacterial or algae content. Alkalinity is a measure of how much acid is required to neutralize the pH of a water supply. "Total dissolved solids" refers to the dissolved inorganic salts that are present in the water supply. Nitrates can be found in water supplies at levels that are toxic to dairy cattle because they are converted to nitrites in the rumen. Sulphates can cause diarrhea, which will reduce the efficiency of nutrient absorption. A water supply that is too alkaline can cause physiological and digestive problems. Bacterial and algae contamination do not usually affect performance, except when they cause water palatability problems which lead to reduced water consumption. Some algae contain compounds that are toxic to animals if consumed in large quantities. Magnation's water technology address all of these issues. Read livestock testimonials

Poultry Farming

Chickens watered with magnetized water grew larger, with an increase in the meat to fat ratio, and experienced reduced mortality rates (Gholizadeh et al., 2008). Also, poultry have showed an increase in egg production when watered with magnetized water (Lin and Yotvat, 1990).

Magnetized water supports the growth and development of the bone structure in chickens and other poultry. Chicks drinking this water showed an increase in their bone-formation process, and an improved blood morphology. In addition, premature death rates among chicks decreased by 2 to 3 times the average rate.

1M. Gholizadeh, H. Arabshahi, M.R. Saeidi, and B. Mahdavi; Iran 2008, The Effect of Magnetic Water on Growth and Quality Improvement of Poultry, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 3 (3): 140-144, 2008

Dairy Farming

Dairy cows that drink magnetized water have shown an increase in milk production with the same amount of milk fat as present in cows drinking ordinary water. They also have a longer lactation period with fewer non-productive days and overall health is better (Lin and Yotvat, 1990). Levy et al. (1990) demonstrated that young male cattle watered with magnetized water increased their dry feed intake, while improving their digestion and nitrogen retention.

Farmers know that a dairy animal’s udders often become rigid, which slows the mechanical milking process. Dairy animals that drink magnetized water, however, show a reduced firmness, which aids in milking.These animals also show an enhanced resistance to disease. Magnetized water also can be used for the hygienic cleaning of storage buildings, and for the main line that carries milk from the milking facilities.

Research into the use of magnetized water reveals the following findings:

- Increase in milk production by about 10%.
- Increase in the fat content of milk by up to 0.15% above the standard 3.2%.
- Increase in average weight gain in calves by up to 35%, in piglets by up to 48%, in lamb by up to 12%, in rabbits by up to 10%.
- Improved taste qualities of meat.
- Decreased rates of disease and premature death.
- Revitalized water created by the Magnation's water systems delivers valuable benefits in several areas of farming and breeding.


Animals who are provided with magnetized water tend to build up proteins instead of fats in their bodies. The reduction of fat deposits results in a higher quality of meat.

Piglets watered with magnetized water drank twice as much water, and grew 12.5% larger than the control group (Kronenberg, 1993). Further findings reflect an average increased weight gain in piglets by up to 48%.

Fish Breeding

Magnetized water provides advantages on the cellular exchange with living organisms, which offers unique benefits for fish breeders. Fish bred in this treated water – which has an increased oxygen content – results in significant decreases in the rates of disease and premature death. Weight gain increases by more than two times, and the taste properties of the fish are shown to improve. The choice of devices would depend on the size of the reservoir.

Bee Keeping

The health of a bee family has been shown to link directly to the ability to collect high-quality honey. A worsening environment has led to an increase in the frequency and severity of diseases among bee populations. In response, magnetized water can be use to enhance the health and vitality of bees by:

- Irrigating grass and various plants where bee families are kept.
- Allocating containers of water near bee houses.
- Magnetizing the syrup before providing it to bees.
- The size and number of devices needed for a bee keeping depends on the size of the operation.

The higher quality of honey that results also can be treated by magnetic resonance. Using Magnation's 2" System, the honey can be poured through the hollow chamber easily. This simple and safe treatment provided dramatic enhancements to the taste, color and smell of the honey.

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Yield Boost with Magnation


  • Earlier emergence & enhanced germination
  • Increased starch and protein production
  • Deeper, wide-spreading root structure
  • Soybeans: more nitrogen nodules
  • Higher disease resistance
  • Enhanced plant health
  • Better absorption rate
  • Reduced heat stress
  • Crop uniformity
  • Stronger stalks
  • Bigger yields


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