Water conservation made easy by solving high TDS with physics

Do more with less water. And zero negative impact.

Hard water is expensive. By mimicking nature through principles of physics, Magnation transforms water into a softer, more vibrant water that offers the qualities and unique effectiveness of rain. Rainlike water moves easier and faster with reduced surface tension (alleviating costly friction), and polarization keeps minerals from binding into problematic, hard water.

Magnation's "Rainlike Water" mitigates all problems associated with hard water including mineral scale, biofilm & sanitation, solubility, energy, pressure and flow, and serious water conservation with zero chemicals, energy or maintenance and is backed by a 2-year satisfaction or money-back guarantee.


Water conservation for commercial, institutional and industrial applications
Lower operating costs for heating & cooling, processing, manufacturing and more.

Managing water is a growing concern for every industry. Reducing water use lowers the costs associated with operating and maintaining equipment, as well as the energy needed to heat, treat, store, and deliver water free of heavy TDS/minerals, algae, bacteria, or pathogens. It makes dollars and sense to get your water in prime condition for easiest handling and movement for the least amount of water quality stress before and during your operation.

Reduce excessive blowdown water consumption in cooling towers, evaporative condensers, evaporative coolers, evaporative cooled air-conditioners, and central boilers (both steam and hot water) by reducing TDS earlier in the heating/cooling cycle to function optimally with hardware, while also preventing mineral scale buildup and improving flow with less energy and reducing maintenance (including filters, pipes, spray heads, valves, plumbing fixtures and pumps) for industrial applications. And with a very well maintained blowdown operation, you have the option of reusing your water for irrigation purposes.

In addition, mproved solubility makes for a more efficient operation with water treatment and mixing applications, maximizing chemical investments.

Food processing can get a boost on efficiency with improved sanitation using less water to the job due to reduced surface tension and improved solubility. Magnation's Rainlike Water can be used for chilling, scalding, can retorting, washing, cleaning, and waste conveying, and can be utilized in all sides of operations from sorting/trimming, washing and grading to packing lines. Boosts effectiveness of high-pressure sprays for clean-up so less water and chemicals needed to get it done right. Get your operation on a more productive water. Rainlike Water, by Magnation.


20-30% irrigation savings for agriculture, turfgrass and landscape
Water conservation can also mean healthier soils and plants, too.

Decreased surface tension is the desired result of wetting agents. Eliminate chemicals to penetrate your soils and leverage physics with Magnation's chemical-free water softening for significant water savings and efficient irrigation. With improved capillary action, uniform distribution of moisture and nutrients not only solves irrigation inefficiencies including surface runoff, dry spots and percolation, but also improves soil health and promotes superior root growth—adding more value with Magnation than just water savings.

Reduction in water use by 20% while maintaining same soil moisture

The Effects of Magnet Treated Irrigation Water on Kentucky Bluegrass in a Greenhouse Environment, MacKenzie, Johb, Plantje, 2014. Conducted by Olds College, Turfgrass Management, Canada, 2014

Less Chemicals

An independent controlled study treated irrigation water with Magnation technology in a greenhouse environment, with the control group remaining untreated. Results show the 80% Magnation-treated experimental plots showed no difference in wet weight yield or soil moisture retention when compared to the control and 100% treatment plots, despite receiving 20% less irrigation water with Magnation.

Soil moisture retention improved by 251%, Root growth up 216% with 50% less water

Conducted by Discovery School, Fruitvale School District, Bakersfield, California, 2015

Improved Moisture Retention with better roots and 50% less water

Monthly samples were taken from various locations. After using Magnation for several months, sod roots in September were more than twice as long as they were in July, and the average ground moisture extended almost three times deeper from July to September during state-mandated water cuts by 50%.


Reduce water use in Primary Food Production (Farming)

In addition to clear reduction in irrigation savings (see below) for plant-based farming, livestock farming (poultry and dairy for example) require large volumes of water for hydration, general hygiene and sanitation. Magnation helps animals fair better with improved hydration, better quality of life and health, heavier weights and improved disease resistance, and cleaner environments with less water.

The benefits are in the body of the Magnation device with a physics-based technology called “Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance” (HDMR-Ionization).


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Correct many water quality and salinity issues

  • Water hardness: calcium magnesium (CaMg)
  • Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • SAR’s (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)
  • Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
  • Bicarbonates (HCO3)
  • Moss, algae & biofilm
  • Mineral scale buildup
  • Hydrophobic spots
  • Surface run-off
  • Boron toxicity
  • Iron bacteria
  • Nematodes
  • Acidity (pH)
  • Nitrates
  • Ponding
  • Sulfur
  • Lime
  • Rust & iron
  • And more