Frequently Asked Questions

1. Magnation Water Technologies Background

Magnation Water Technologies was founded by Mike and Stef Jenzeh who have been serving the irrigation industry since 2008 out of Oakland, California. Proudly manufacturing in the United States, our reach is global.

As we can only utilize 1% of our planet's water, we are focused on maximizing this precious resource. We offer effective and efficient chemical-free water softening products that correct hard water problems. Stretch water by 20% while improving soil health, plant vitality, crop yield and reducing chemical use and energy requirements by 10%. By improving your water quality, Magnation helps you do more with less with our innovative chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free water systems.

Magnation is dedicated to promoting environmental health and safety by helping water consumers around the globe improve the quality and productivity of water with scientifically-proven, environmentally-friendly, cost effective, water softening devices for agricultural, golf and sports turf, well drilling, industrial, livestock, environmental, municipal, wastewater, urban, residential, home health, and many more applications.


2. What does the product do?

Magnation’s water systems activate the water source without the use of energy or chemicals, transforming water’s molecular structure through the use of magnetic resonators. This safely and effectively changes the structural characteristics of water, preventing mineral deposits to bond. In turn, Magnation’s water softening systems help keep pumps and equipment from locking up from scale build up, addressing expensive and destructive hard water problems and iron bacteria. Rainbolt systems improve water quality and density, improve suction, prolong equipment life and efficiency after the pump, or booster pump, to reduce energy and improve soil infiltration and moisture retention. The result: decreasing water consumption by 20-30% by breaking up minerals to smaller particles for better absorption for the plant, improving soil and plant health/vitality, as well as reduction in friction and scale build up resulting in saving a minimum of 10% in energy.

There are no by-products with our chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free water softening systems.


3. What are the benefits?

Water consumption by 10-30%, energy use by 10%, agronomic inputs and chemicals, scale mitigation costs, surface tension, water density, soil salinity, TDS

Water quality, flow, water infiltration, soil penetration, oxygen concentration, nutrient uptake, crop yield and quality, hydration of all living things, time spent on other tasks

Soil health (“mellower soils”), soil pH, moisture retention, plant vigor, water parameters, solubility and dissolvability, mixing of fertilizers and chemicals, suction, equipment life, bottom line

For large-scale irrigation applications, within 6 to 8 weeks you should be able to see better penetration of water into the soil, reduction in scale build up, less energy used to pump the water.

For home systems, you'll notice ofter water, less soaps and detergents used, longevity of appliances, less residue in your shower, and less water used for landscape irrigation.


4. How long does the effect last?

48 to 200 hours.


5. How do you quantify the ROI?

Water Savings
Our systems help reduce the density of water and increase its oxygen concentration for better flow, soil infiltration, and water/soil retention of moisture, therefore decreasing the time intervals in irrigation and quantity required to irrigate—without the use of toxic wetting agents. Magnation water systems hold minerals and agronomic inputs in suspension as they pass through our specialized magnetic field, and thus insulate water molecules for better solvency and productivity. Not only water savings, but healthier water as well.

Energy Savings
Due to reduction and reversal of hard water scale buildup, energy savings improve substantially. 10% less energy is needed to pump water due to friction loss, resulting in improved flow.

Chemical Savings
By improving water’s solvency, there is 10-50% less need for chemicals: wetting agents, acide washes, chlorines, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and general cleaning detergents.

Time Savings & Less Maintenance
Less time dedicated to applying wetting agents and mitigating scale problems throughout facilities and equipment. Less time spent on managing, ordering, storing, maintaining, accounting for, and cleaning up chemicals and fertilizers. Less time spent irrigating due to extended intervals between watering. Zero maintenance once installed and extend the life of equipment.


6. How credible is this technology?

Over 70 years used in various fields from industrial use addressing hard water problems in countries around the world, to the space industry, health industry (MRI's) and more. It's unique application to moving irrigation water is a newer application which Magnation is the industry leader.

We agree the lab reports and peer-reviewed reports offer credibility, as well as our growing body of international data performed by independent 3rd parties (learn more on our Data page). But we see the real validation in the field...Large and small growers and customers are reporting a multitude of benefits—Read what our customers are saying on our Testimonials page.


7. How is the product installed?

  • Email us for installation instructions for professional irrigation systems
  • Installation for Home & Garden


8. Lifespan, Warranty and Refunds

The life span should be 15 to 20 years depending on water conditions (for home and larger irrigation units).

Our water systems come with a seven year limited manufacturers warranty for craftsmanship and materials (1/4" diameter systems and up). Hydrabolt and Springbolt have a one year limited manufacturers warranty. Learn more about our Terms for Warranty and Refunds here.


9. What does it cost?

Call your local dealer, or call us at (888) 820 0363 to inquire about our current pricing.


10. How can I buy a system?

Call us at (888) 820 0363. Or visit our online store!


11. How can I become a dealer?

Call us at (888) 820-0363, or email us.