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PRESS RELEASE: Magnation Water Technologies exhibiting at BOMA June 23-34, 2019

Monday, April 29th, 2019

Magnation Water Technologies Showcases Chemical-Free Water Conditioning at Its First BOMA Exhibition

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Oakland, Calif., April 30, 2019 – Magnation Water Technologies will be showcasing its commitment to sustainable and efficient water conditioning at BOMA 2019 on June 23-24 in Salt Lake City, Utah (Booth #933). The company’s performance-driven products have helped a wide range of clients correct their hard water problems using a chemical-free, energy-free, maintenance-free and byproduct-free water treatment process. This has led to savings of up to 42% in HVAC energy consumption, all while boosting their clients’ biosecurity and sustainability ratings in the process.

“Magnation is the most sustainable solution with huge and fast ROI for scale removal and prevention — as well as reducing foul odors, hazardous biofilm, and is a powerhouse in significant energy savings, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance,” says Mike Jenzeh, CEO & President of Magnation Water Technologies.

At BOMA 2019, conference attendees will get a first-hand look at how Magnation’s performance-driven products use the powerful forces of physics to turn hard water into soft, high-quality “rainlike” water. These long-lasting products require no maintenance, no electricity, and involve just a one-time installation — seamlessly delivering high-quality water through eco-friendly means.

The Magnation booth at BOMA will highlight three game-changing products. The first is Rainbolt. Although it might just look like a pipe on the outside, this advanced pump uses built-in specialized magnets to reduce viscosity and improve flow in a chemical-free and electricity-free way. The Rainbolt has helped clients see up to 10% savings in water flow efficiency.

The second product to look for will be Aquabolt, Magnation’s midsized device. Built with two Rainbolts at each end, Aquabolt is optimized to disrupt and agitate heavily bonded minerals to water molecules. Finally, Magnation’s patented Turbulator works similarly to the Aquabolt but uses fins and flanges to fit into larger pipes. As the water passes through, hard water is agitated with various geometric designs in order to break apart the bonds that contribute to the structure of hard water.

Treating mineral scale buildup can be costly, time-intensive, and take a toll on the environment. Magnation is shifting the paradigm away from outdated methods and technologies and prioritizing systems that save you time and money while boosting sustainability in the process. At BOMA 2019, visitors will get a first-hand look at the exceptional technology that has made Magnation a global leader in physical water conditioning.

To learn more about Magnation water optimization technologies, visit us at Booth #933 or at

Magnation Water Technologies Announces Distribution Partnership With DripWorks To Expand Water Saving Technologies To New Markets

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017



Mass Retailers and Wholesalers Specialize in Conservation-Performance Technologies
Oakland, CA, November 28, 2017
Magnation Water Technologies has partnered with DripWorks to expand the availability of water optimization technologies to over 500,000 catalog and online customers who are choosing drip irrigation for home and commercial gardens as well as agricultural applications to save water, time and money.

“Magnation is passionately dedicated to the paradigm shift in water productivity that leverages physics without a carbon footprint. Since 2008, we’ve led the way with 20,000 installations worldwide. We couldn’t be happier to partner with a powerhouse outlet like California-based DripWorks to accelerate distribution, as conservation and performance is the name of the game—and time is of the essence.”
~ Mike Jenzeh, Co-founder and CEO

DripWorks is the dependable source for quality drip irrigation kits and supplies in the Nation, focused on helping plants, crops and gardens thrive. Drip irrigation systems use 50% less water than conventional ones. Water is delivered slowly and steadily to a crop’s root zone, where it is needed most, and unlike overhead sprinklers, less water is lost to evaporation. Using less water means spending less money. In addition, drip irrigation systems usually operate at a lower pressure than other types of pressurized irrigation, reducing energy costs. With reduced utility bills, drip irrigation systems typically recover the cost of the initial investment within the first year or two.

DripWorks is pleased to offer Magnation water optimization devices to amplify the effectiveness of their drip irrigation kits which help customers grow healthier crops, plants and gardens while reducing maintenance issues from mineral scale buildup in irrigation lines, emitters and nozzles.

By expanding the availability of Magnation Water Technologies to DripWorks customers through their catalog or online store, customers can realize the benefits of Magnation’s “rainlike water” to solve hard water issues like mineral scale buildup, save 20% water, and make better use of time and money for home gardening, commercial growing and agricultural applications.

Magnation’s Rainlike Water makes every drop count.

Soils and plants become vibrant and vigorous when it rains. As a rain drop falls, its molecules become smaller and invigorated with energized, life-giving qualities, amplifying nutrient uptake and plant vigor.

By emulating the physical forces that create this level of exceptional water quality, Magnation comes as close to natural rain water as possible. Easy to install and long lasting, Magnation systems are maintenance-free, chemical-free and energy-free—and leave zero by-products. Learn more about
Magnation water optimization technologies at

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