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Monday, October 28th, 2019


Cooling towers use significant amounts of water, as they dissipate heat from recirculating water used to cool chillers, air conditioners, or other process equipment to the ambient air. Heat is emitted into the environment from cooling towers through the process of evaporation.


Magnation reduces evaporation because Magnation improves the productivity of water used and saves water in the process. Controlling the quantity of blowdown provides the most significant opportunity to conserve water in cooling tower operations.


“Using Magnation’s Rainbolt SS 2” on a two ton capacity boiler, Naveena Denim Industries has experienced significant reduction in cost of its boiler operations with a payback time of less than 3 months on the investment. Recovery of condensate water decreased from 974 to 754 m3 which means overall efficiency of the boiler increased by 7.4%. The number of blowdowns decreased from 12 to 5 per 24 hours, which equates to more than 58% blowdown cost saved.” reports Pakastani Distributor, Wenergy International.


Consider this: your facility is paying for the sewer fee-which assumes the amount of incoming and outgoing water is equal- while in fact the amount can be up to 50% less due to the lost water that was converted to evaporation. Water providers can issue credits for sending less water down the drain, and Magnation can helps reduce that amount.


“With 5000 gallons saved on each of the Gap’s administrative facilities two cooling towers, they received significant evaporation credits from the water provider for the city of Pleasanton,” says Brian Malone, chief engineer at Able Engineering Services, “in addition to observed 42% savings in energy, less scale formation, higher efficiency in cooling with less demand on compressors for cooling towers resulting in easier chilling cycles, better spray patterns and removal of foul smells.”