Use less energy in 2015, and save more water.

Using Less Energy
First of all, Happy New Year!
May it be the BEST one yet!!

It’s the little things. Add them up and it turns out to be a great thing. Making personal bests, for example. As personal resolve, I (one of the founders of Magnation) am committed to reducing my impact by both practicing myself and teaching my kids to turn off the lights when we/they leave the room—all the time. I grew up in a household where all the lights in the house on was normal. It meant comfort. However, times, as well as myself, have changed! I am still comfortable with less lights on (except the lights on the Christmas tree 🙂 )—and feeling satisfied knowing my impact is about doing my part in the community.

Using less energy means also using less water.

In drought-stricken California, where I was born and currently live, irrigation water critical to about 3 million acres of agricultural land in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys and along California’s central coast, but that quantity was significantly reduced in WY (Water Year) 2014. The CVP (Central Valley Project) also provides urban water for millions of people and industrial water essential to the San Francisco Bay Area’s economy. Water from the CVP is also crucial for the environment, wildlife and fishery restoration, and hydroelectric power production.

So, for those of us who read parts of articles due to time constraints, this is what local water impacts:

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial use
  • Household use
  • Environment
  • Wildlife & fishery restoration (life’s balance, and food)
  • Energy

During Water Year 2014, CVP powerplants generated about 2.7 billion kilowatt-hours. Project use consumed about 25 percent of this energy; the remaining energy was made available for marketing. That’s for us folks to use.

How does Magnation help reduce energy consumption?

Magnation significantly helps reduce friction, making it easier to pump and move water with less energy. Simply put, magnetic field softens the water, making it easier to flow.

In Agriculture, customers have reported using 10% less energy using Magnation’s RainBolt™ for well casings, for example. Apply the same calculation to households who use the Bolt H2O Softener™ improving the same energy consumption  (not to mention environmental & cost benefits of less chemicals/detergents in the house and removal of salt-softeners).

And there are plenty more ways to do our little parts. For now, it’s about turning that switch off for me, when it’s time. Thanks for reading!

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best for a healthy, good and properous 2015!

~ Stef

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