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10-30% More Bushels of Corn per Acre

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

One of our farmers in drought-ridden Copeland, Kansas who farms 480 acres of corn has reported an average increase of 40-50 bushels per acre from his recent harvest.

The field is irrigated via pivot. Our system was installed at the 4th tower, meaning that the outer circle in the field was treated. You can see the comparison in the attached arial shot. The interior circle did not get treated.

We have been keeping track of the vegetation pattern via satellite. The images captured are from July 30th and August 15. The increase of water penetration shows by more green and less yellow on the imagery.

We will be coming to Kansas end of October for a presentation with the farmer. Please call us if you are interested in attending. We would love to visit with you!


480 acres Copeland, Kansas with H2O Energizer water system installed