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Fresno Business Journal Article: Water tech commands center stage/Magnation Water Systems

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Written by Gabriel Dillard
It used to be that water was just water. Farmers could just throw it on the ground and forget about it, hoping the best for their crops every year.
Nowadays, people know that water can be tweaked, distributed automatically and made more efficient to get the best of what the ground has to offer.
Such strategies were spotlighted during the Water Technology Conference held last week at the Clovis Memorial Building. Dozens of exhibitors showed up at the event put on by the International Center for Water Technology to display the latest devices and research designed to conserve water and make every bit of the precious resource good to the last drop.

Tweaking water
Among them was Magnation Water Systems. Based out of Oakland, the company manufactures a piece of equipment dubbed the H20 Energizer, a new twist on an old idea that not only delivers water quickly to its source, but makes it more useful when it gets there.
Once used to remove calcium and other problem minerals from pipes, the magnetic technology in the H20 Energizer works on the polarity of water to realign the molecules into an easy-flow hexagonal structure that attaches easily to oxygen and beneficial nutrients while closing off to unwanted toxins.
Mike Jenzeh, CEO of Magnation Corporation, said water that passes through the device increases oxygen concentration by 1% per liter while the molecules themselves, at a much more compact size than untreated water, sweep easily through plant cell openings.
“When you’re making water more available to the plants there’s less fertilizers used. You’re reducing the viscosity of the water by aligning the molecular structure and using less energy,” Jenzeh said.
Jenzeh added that the device also works well on animals and humans and has been shown in tests to reduce the mortality rate of chickens by 200 to 300%. The H20 Energizer even adds distance to fire hoses.
Although the concept has been used in pipe scaling for around 40 years, particularly in countries such as Israel, Egypt and Australia, it is a relatively new one in the U.S. Jenzeh said the product has only been heavily marketed to ag companies for about two years but added that a 10% minimum increase in crop yield will be the proof that preaches to California’s farmers.