more uniform sprinkler performance and better throw distance

“We’ve seen more uniform sprinkler performance, better throw distance from the end gun on the pivot, and better infiltration resulting in less run off.  We’re installing our second Magnation unit on another of our pivot irrigation systems now.”

~ Roger Petersen Farms, Hardy, Nebraska

No need for gypsum with better infiltration... plus GPM boost

"I heard about Magnation through my friend/neighbor Mark Merritt and I was very skeptical in the beginning. But as soon as we had installed the Magnation systems on our pumps; gallons per minute went up from 1700 gpm to 2000 gpm on one pump, and 2000gpm went up to 2300 gpm on another pump. We haven’t used gypsum since we’re getting better infiltration with no run off, and our trees are healthier…I’m lovin what I’m seeing and sharing it with my neighbors. When can you deliver a 16” Turbulator?"

 ~ Kelley Ivankovic, Central Valley farms, Porterville, CA


We've noticed a five pound drop in pressure and increase in our water flow.

~ Grant Ashcraft, Sugar City, ID

High Calcium & Sodium

We saw improvement in infiltration despite our high calcium and sodium. We yielded heavy on the barley over 150 bushel per acre, average yield per acre is 129 bushels. I'm impressed with using the Magnation system. We're noticing better soil penetration, less run off and improvement on water flow.

~ Keith Nickerson, Howe, ID

Water & Energy Savings

We had electrical savings, and our wells with the Magnation systems didn't run out like the wells without the Magnation system.

~ Tom Law, Cold Springs, TX

30% less insecticides, Drift Control

I saved $9000 alone by using 30% less insecticides due to better solvency of my water, gained an extra zone due to the increase in my water flow as my pressure increased from 20 psi to 25 psi, the spray out of my wheat sprayer came out consistent the size of a pen head without any drops, the leaf yellow burn at the bottom of our peach trees towards the end of the season were reduced by 90% from last year. That's why we have the Magnation units on all of our pumps and our sprayer.

~ Bryan Noland, Noland Farms, Palisades, CO

Softer Water at Home

We like it. It makes our skin softer. And makes our grass grow faster and greener. And the water tastes better. Our dish water runs better and we use less soap.

~ Steven J. Bishop, Blackfoot, ID

25% less water

We're getting good results. Our pressure dropped by 10 pounds, and we used 25% less water and getting softer water in the house.

~ Brad Simon, Hoxie, KS 

Deeper Infiltration & Moisture Retention

Moisture gains spiked at various depths up to five feet, previously never showing these moisture gains. The farm has noticed gains in system pressure covering more zone. View PureSense moisture results on Almonds. Blue vertical lines reflects date of installation (6/2/13). Data provided by independent consulting firm.

~ Almond Farmer, Chowchilla, CA

Higher Yield with 30% Less Water, Uniformity

Our results have been remarkable. Where we installed the Magnation unit, the corn out-yielded our other irrigated corn but used 30% less irrigation water. The corn was 11% better than that fields previous best yield, there was noticeably better uniformity across the sprinklers on the pivot, and our pumping costs were lower.

~ Lee Fintel, Superior, NE

Improved Flow with Less Energy

My pivot is 12 miles from our pump. After installing the Magnation system, our 250 GPM went up to 285 GPM.

~ Gale Schaffer, Albion, NE


As soon as I put this system on, I noticed my pressure dropped and immediately had better water flow. With drought conditions here in Kansas, my neighbors said my corn should be burned up by now... yet we're still going strong.The result: 10-30% increase in bushels harvested during drought conditions.

~ Western Kansas Corn Farmer