Optimal hydration, optimal health and wellness!

Maximize the power of your drinking water by invigorating electrons and increasing bioavailability.

For better health, hydration is key. Water treated with Magnation’s Hydrabolt maximizes hydration and cellular metabolism. Cellular metabolism is the sum total of all biochemical reactions taking place within a cell. It is the most fundamental level where the dynamic properties of life begin to appear. All processes that occur within individual organisms can be traced to the pathways of cellular metabolism. How do you support this dynamic, baseline state of your body’s optimal health? Improve your water quality! Not only will you improve the hydration of all your body’s cells, organs and systems, you also experience toxin removal at an accelerated rate.

Naturally occuring hard water minerals, environmental toxins and chemical additives intended to treat and enhance our municipal water supply combine to produce flatline water. It lacks energizing and life-giving qualities. This would be the opposite of “bioavailable water”. You can drink a ton of hard water and never actually achieve a hydrated state due to the lack of water quality.

Low-quality, lifeless water only becomes biologically active—or life-giving—with naturally energized magnetic resonance. Like everything in the known physical world, magnetism is an important part of keeping things in balance.

Magnation’s technology makes any water more bioavailable to cells by breaking down large water molecule clusters into the smallest units capable of entering and exiting your body’s cell walls. It more fully hydrates while delivering greater nutrition and removing metabolic wastes and toxins at an accelerated rate, supercharging your well being. Read some of our testimonials.



Magnation water technologies benefits are lifechanging and support you in many positive ways!

• Optimal bioavailability and fuller hydration of all cells
• Digestive, nervous, lymphatic and urinary systems
• Improved plaque removal, breath and oral health
• Improved athletic performance
• Accelerated toxin removal
• Liver and kidney function
• Healthy immune system
• Cellular metabolism
• Softer hair and skin
• Body alkalinity
• Weight loss
• Anti-aging


How does it work?

Simply pour water or any other liquid through the Hydrabolt funnel, or wrap a portable, clamp-on Springbolt on your filtered water spigot. Water is restructured and energized as it flows through the specialized magnetic field, and the life-giving, health-promoting effects are activated. Drink within 24 hours. To your health and wellness!


Cleaning tips

For best results, brush the Hydrabolt chamber regularly with a narrow bottle brush, and use a steel scrubber for the wide entrance of the funnel when cleaning. Gently wipe the interior of the Springbolt as needed.



Hydrabolt and Springbolt products come with one year limited manufacturers warranty, and with great care will last for many years!

Optimal hydration boosts healthy cells

Optimal hydration boosts healthy cells

Cellular hydration boosts healthy growth and longevity