Many industries can benefit from chemical-free magnetized water treatment.

Magnation’s Rainlike Water for improved water quality; mineral scale control; improved solubility, dissolvability and viscosity; improved flow with less friction on all liquids. Magnation applies the laws of physics to moving water and liquids. Incorporating physical laws of nature such as the Lorentz force, Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio, Venturi effect, kinetics, static mixing, vortexing and ionization, Magnation’s new generation of products amplifies the power of "hydrodynamic magnetic resonance" under the action of Lorentz's force, often referred to as "magnetic water".

Magnation's passive in-line water systems can be easily installed and never add chemicals or energy to make it work. This means zero maintenance and zero by-products for years of benefits to your operation.


Water savings with Magnation

Yield boost and less spider mites with Magnation

Produce comparision with Magnation

Heavier produce weight with Magnation

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