Scale Control

Scale Control

Product Summary

Magnation’s Scale Control reduces scale buildup for cleaner, more efficient pipes. It increases flow, reduces maintenance and eliminates the need for chemicals. Efficiency is further enhanced by a reduction in the time and costs spent on maintenance and expensive downtown and equipment repair.

Industries that use water for drilling, irrigation, heating, cooling, sterilization and wash-down systems will reduce costs and promote sustainability with Magnation’s tried and true products.

Soften water without the use of chemicals to improve the performance of soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents.

Easy-to-install and long lasting, Scale Control™ is a sustainable method for using 10-30% less water, energy and chemicals — saving money, time and our footprint.

Chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free—and zero byproducts.

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Scale Control Benefits

  • Treats rust, iron, iron bacteria, calcium, lime, and hard water issues in pipes, plumbing, nozzles and interior surfaces
  • Reduces viscosity and friction with zero chemicals
  • Reduces maintenance down-time and expense
  • 12.5% to 16.9% pumping energy savings
  • Reduces chemicals
  • Improves water flow

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