Bolt H2O Softener

Bolt H2O Softener

Product Summary

Magnation’s water treatment softens water naturally without the use of salts or potassium. There are no by-products, filters to replace, chemicals to add, energy required or maintenance needed. Soften water without the use of chemicals to improve the performance of soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents for a cleaner and greener home.

Install at main line after water meter to treat entire home and garden. Boost the effectiveness by adding a Springbolt to your appliance water lines, faucets and showers.

A one-time investment in an Bolt H2O Softener™ provides between 15-20 years of healthier drinking, cooking and bathing water, as well as softer water throughout your entire home and garden—with zero maintenance. Extend the life of your pipes, too!

Purchase comes with 3-year Limited Manufacturers Warranty. Available in aerospace anodized aluminum and 316 stainless steel.

Chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free—and zero byproducts. Buy Now!

Bolt H2O Softener Benefits

Irrigation Benefits

  • Reduced water, energy & chemical requirements
  • Significantly reduced water hardness (CaMg)
  • Keeps sprayer parts, pumps and nozzles free of mineral build up
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • SAR’s (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)
  • Increased dissolved Oxygen (O2)
  • Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
  • Bicarbonates (HCO3)
  • Improved crop yield
  • Reduced leaf burn
  • Boron toxicity
  • Healthier soils
  • Iron bacteria
  • Acidity (pH)
  • Nitrates

Home Benefits

  • Reduces and reverses scale buildup in appliances & pipes
  • Softer water requires less detergent and chemicals
  • Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Less residue in showers, toilets and sinks
  • Happier house plants and cut flowers
  • Less chlorine and pathogens
  • Less energy required

Garden Benefits

  • Reduce water consumption by 20%
  • Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils
  • Reduces fertilizer and pesticides
  • Increases turf uniformity
  • Increases plant vigor
  • Improves soil pH
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