Magnation's Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance (HDMR):
The future of intelligent irrigation.

Use less water, and do more with Magnation's chemical-free HDMR technology.

Magnation’s innovative chemical-free water softening treatment improves water productivity and promises maximum water utilization. By mimicking nature through principles of physics leveraging hydrodynamic magnetic resonance (HDMR), a water molecule's potential is achieved by invigorating electrons. This transforms the water structure into a softer, more vibrant water that offers the qualities and unique effectiveness of rain. Magnation's "rainlike water" mitigates all problems associated with hard water, and other water quality and soil health issues. Intelligent irrigation with HDMR by Magnation is a cornerstone for easy and sustainable practices.

The benefits are in the body of the Magnation device with a physics-based technology called “Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance” (HDMR-Ionization).


Reduction in water use by 20% while maintaining same soil moisture

Less Chemicals

An independent controlled study treated irrigation water with Magnation's HDMR in a greenhouse environment, with the control group remaining untreated. Results show the 80% treated experimental plots showed no difference in wet weight yield or soil moisture retention when compared to the control and 100% HDMR treatment plots; despite receiving 20% less irrigation water with the Magnation unit.

The Effects of Magnet Treated Irrigation Water on Kentucky Bluegrass in a Greenhouse Environment, MacKenzie, Johb, Plantje, 2014. Conducted by Olds College, Turfgrass Management, Canada, 2014

Rainlike Water

Decrease water consumption by 20-30%, energy consumption by 10%, agronomic inputs and chemicals from 10-100%, mineral scale buildup, surface tension, water density, soil salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), sodium adsorption rations (SAR), and time spent on maintenance with Magnation's HDMR technology.

Increase soil permeability, water infiltration and moisture retention, oxygen concentration, nutrient uptake, crop yield and plant & turf quality, flow with less pressure, and time spent on other tasks with a simple one-time installation of Magnation's HDMR water treatment system into your irrigation line.

Improve water quality, soil health (“mellower soils”), balanced soil pH, plant vigor, solubility and dissolvability, mixing of fertilizers and chemicals, drift control, pressure and suction, irrigation equipment life, and bottom line with Magnation's suite of products.

Improve Water Quality >

Correct many water quality and salinity issues

  • Water hardness: calcium magnesium (CaMg)
  • Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • SAR’s (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)
  • Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
  • Bicarbonates (HCO3)
  • Moss, algae & biofilm
  • Mineral scale buildup
  • Hydrophobic spots
  • Surface run-off
  • Boron toxicity
  • Iron bacteria
  • Nematodes
  • Acidity (pH)
  • Nitrates
  • Ponding
  • Sulfur
  • Lime
  • Rust & iron
  • And more


Innovation by Magnation

Magnation's HDMR water treatment products serve a variety of industries around the world, supporting agriculture, golf and sports turfgrass, horticulture and landscape businesses by addressing issues including limited water supplies, unusable well water, unproductive soil, hard water, and mineral scale buildup. Our family of products also includes home water treatments and solutions that improve hydration for people and animals.