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San Joaquin Valley Farmer

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

A Southern San Joaquin Valley orchardist was experiencing health issues. One of Magnation’s sales reps invited him to try our chemical-free water treatment unit on his house. If it helped the well water for the home, he might consider larger units for his orchards. Not only did it improve his landscaping and make the use of water in the home more economic, his health problems cleared up as well.

He then ordered an 8” Magnation unit for one of his deep wells.  His farm manager said if he had known about the purchase, he would have discouraged it.

Some months later, the farm manager stated, “I haven’t seen such great results on my trees in 15 years!” He said they used to load up with gypsum and other chemicals to keep things in balance. Magnation’s Rainbolt unit changed all that.

They bought two more 8” units for the other wells. Given the drought and falling water tables, anything that cuts water usage by 20% while saving chemicals, lowers pumping energy load, improves crop output and quality needs to be realized.

More real people just like you have their stories to share.

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Cordova Bay Golf Course Results

Friday, June 27th, 2014

A respected superintendent of  Cordova Bay Golf Course, Dean Piller has provided pictures of the course.  He attributes the visible results he is achieving on his greens to Magnation’s water system which was recently installed. “Our third fairway is showing very even moisture.  This [was] not typical before installation of Magnation’s RainBolt.”

Cordova Bay Golf Course Magantion Water System InstallationCordova Bay Golf Course Magantion Water System Installation

Cordova Bay Golf Course Magantion Water System Installation

Everything starts with better soils.

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

AJ Ochoa of Othello, Washington, farms potatoes on higher ph soils, irrigating through deep wells and also a local aquifer.

“The main word that I could come away with was ‘mellower soils’ which is one of the most important fundamentals in farming. Everything starts with better soils.” says AJ. “We drove into the fields that were treated and fields that were not treated after harvest. The ride in the truck was much smoother in the fields that were treated. The truck ride in the untreated field was very hard and bumpy. As for the harvest of potatoes there is much less dirt that sticks to the potatoes when treated due to mellower soils.”

AJ also has 2″ units installed in his potato coolers which show a more consistent and uniform mist for storing potatoes and will show reduction in scale build up . He’s very satisfied and convinced that he can see more of the benefits in the second year than the first.

Aj Ochoa Potato Harvest 2012
Video taken in this week’s visit with in Othello, WA. Mr. Ochoa has been using our systems for 2 years.

10-30% More Bushels of Corn per Acre

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

One of our farmers in drought-ridden Copeland, Kansas who farms 480 acres of corn has reported an average increase of 40-50 bushels per acre from his recent harvest.

The field is irrigated via pivot. Our system was installed at the 4th tower, meaning that the outer circle in the field was treated. You can see the comparison in the attached arial shot. The interior circle did not get treated.

We have been keeping track of the vegetation pattern via satellite. The images captured are from July 30th and August 15. The increase of water penetration shows by more green and less yellow on the imagery.

We will be coming to Kansas end of October for a presentation with the farmer. Please call us if you are interested in attending. We would love to visit with you!


480 acres Copeland, Kansas with H2O Energizer water system installed

California Farmer Reports 30% Savings in Water Use

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Mark Merritt of Merritt E.W. Farms in Porterville, California confirmed today he saved 30% in water use this past season on 340 acres of vines using Magnation’s water systems. Here’s a breakdown of the ROI based on this first test site where he implemented the H2O ENERGIZER:


Café Gratitude Organic Farms Show More Permeability & Water Savings

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Our first customer who put on one of our agricultural systems in February of ’09 has been seeing positive results on their 5-acre farm in Vacaville, California. Primary interest has been in permeability of the soil and thus less puddling. Water savings has been reported as well.

Stay tuned for more testimonials. We have some of the largest growers working with our systems and are hearing positive things. We will report the findings once they are considered to be conclusive.

Matthew Englehart, co-owner of Café Gratitude Restaurants (there are currently 6 restaurants in the Bay Area).