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Magnation Spring Update

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
After a long season of trade shows since October (roughly 25 or 30), rebranding,  and product development of our US-Made systems, we’re able to spend some time again on our communications.


1. We’ve started manufacturing our systems in three materials: Ultraheavy Moleculular Weight (UHMW) Plastic, Anodized Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

2. We’ve added new sizes, starting at 1/4″, 3/4″, and have a beautiful 14″ system added to our expanding BIG BLUE™ Irrigation & Pump Systems product line. In addition, we’ve added our new RAINBOLT™ Well Systems.

3. We’ve lowered our pricing significantly!

4. We’ve added a new section to our website that speaks to Turf 

5. We’ve updated our Industrial section

6. You can now securely order online. We confirm your order with a phone call before processing to ensure the right systems for your use were ordered.

7. And have you seen our latest brochure?

Added Research to our Site

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Hi, loyal followers of important blog readings…
*yes, we save you buckets of time making sure we only share things that are completely relevant*

Here’s the deal:
Our website has been in the process of refinement and now has beefed up research data supporting relevant areas of website.

Check out these pages:

Scale Reduction

Livestock and Animal Breeding

Magnetized Water



Presidio Graduate School Collaboration

Friday, September 25th, 2009

We’ve recently been chosen by a group of Environmental Business Management Grad Students at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco to be a subject for their studies.

This collaboration will hopefully yield a clearer understanding of our farming community including the marketplace and it’s dynamic variables, as to better serve our Agricultural Industry.

We are looking forward to integrating positive contributions offered over the next semester and hopefully you’ll benefit as we tailor our company to the progressive demands of our world.