Update: Bakersfield Parks & Rec Mesa Marin Sports Park Test

It has been 4 weeks since Jerry Todd met with Bakersfield Parks & Rec personnel to install a Magnation unit on the at the landscape traffic circle.  When the unit was originally installed the turf had a root depth of 2-3 inches.  Four weeks later the root depth in the test soil is more than 4 inches.  While the root depth in the control soil has remained at only about 2 inches.  It is important to note that every added inch of root depth yield better plant health as well as less water and fertilizer requirements.

If you take a look at the posted photos, the control test area is much browner and more inconsistent, while the test area using the Magnation product, is greener, with a much more uniform turf growth and better overall health and appearance.

It looks like things are progressing smoothly.  Jerry will continue to monitor the test area and we will continue to provide updates.