Chemical-free water softening treatment by Magnation.

Maximize your water productivity with soft, energized, life-giving water. Reduce chemicals, energy consumption, impact and maintenance. Do more with less!

Reduce Water Consumption

Save 20% in water consumption. Magnation's soft and vibrant rainlike water more easily penetrates soil, spreads across a wider area of ground, helps soil retain moisture, stimulates soil nutrients and enhances root and plant growth, reducing irrigation requirements by 20%.

Less Chemicals

Save 10-50% in chemical use. Magnation lessens the need for fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides by making inputs more soluble. Eliminate wetting agents, reduce chlorines for cleaning and sanitizing by half, and eliminate acid wash for scale and corrosion.

Reduce Energy

Save 10% in energy consumption. Less scale buildup in pipe, better flow due to friction loss, cut down on pumping costs by 12%, save energy and improve your bottom line.

Increase Productivity

Boost productivity from 10-30%. Better yields. Less fertilizers and chemicals needed. Less maintenance. Save time. Impact every part of your operation!

Increase Productivity

Zero by-products. It's easy to reduce your environmental impact without compromising the quality of your operation. Save money, time, and create a healthier environment with Magnation.


Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Risk free! Try it to believe it. Purchase now, and if you are dissatisfied with the results, simply return the product to us within two years of the purchase date, and we will refund your money back 100%. Return policy applies to all water systems and sizes except for Hydrabolt and Springbolt.


20,000 installations and counting.

In addition to our reputation of top-quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as our A+ rating as a BBB business, we have high-profile industry leaders endorse our brand and products. Read real-life testimonials about Magnation's chemical-free water treatment products from your area or industry here.

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Water productivity and health is our passion at Magnation Water Technologies!

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Sustainable water softening products

Turbulator, Rainbolt, Turfbolt and Scale Control for irrigation.

Increase seed germination with the Seed Maximizer.

Improve spray distribution and foliar absorption with Drift Control.

Eliminate salts with Bolt H2O Softener & Springbolt for home.

Hydrabolt for boosting hydration and personal health.

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Chemical-free, energy-free, maintenance-free with zero byproducts

  • Solve calcium, lime, rust, iron, iron bacteria & hard water
  • Reduces irrigation requirements between 20%-30%
  • Reduces energy requirements by 12.5% to 16.9%
  • Higher germination rates and uniformity
  • Improves plant vigor and crop yield
  • Reduces chemical use by 10-50%
  • Improves turf density and color
  • Improves water flow
  • Improves soil health